Tax Update: What will HMRC focus on next? // On-demand webinar

Event Title: Tax Update: what will HMRC focus on next? // On-demand webinar
Date: 10/06/2021
Event synopsis:

There is much speculation around the areas of focus for HMRC as we emerge into a post-pandemic era. In the first of our series of tax updates, Jeremy Johnson, a director at inTAX will be outlining where he expects HMRC to focus and offers some practical advice for professional advisers supporting clients with complex tax issues. p/>

During the webinar, we also explore: HMRC’s response in clawing back the purported £3.5bn which was paid out to businesses on an incorrect or fraudulent basis; What happens when a contractor or business is selected for an IR35 enquiry; and Current HMRC enquiry trends.

Jeremy will offer practical tips on how you can support your clients should they need to make a disclosure to HMRC. He was be joined by Simon Bonney, a managing director in Quantuma’s Restructuring & Insolvency team, for a lively and insightful event.

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Speaker name: Jeremy Johnson & Simon Bonney
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